Olivia O’Carra Landscapes in Oil
© Olivia O’Carra 2015
Oil on Canvas , 14" x 18" unframed, 20" x 24" framed   €400  Oil on board, 10"x18" unframed, 15"x23" framed    €300 Oil on board, 18"x14" unframed, 26"x22" framed    €480 Oil on Canvas,18"x14" unframed, 23"x19" framed   €420 Oil on Board, 14"x18" unframed, 21"x25" framed           €600 Oil on board, 12" x 18" unframed, 18" x 24" framed      €450 Oil on Board, 14"x21" unframed, 21"x28" framed         €520 Oil on board, 14"x18" unframed, 22"x26" framed)  €480 Oil on board, 10"x14" unframed, 15"x19" framed    €300 Oil on Canvas, 12"x18" unframed, 20"x 26" framed   €380  Oil on Canvas, 14"x18" unframed, 20"x24" framed   €480 Oil on Board, 11" x 15" unframed, 19" x 23" framed    €350 Oil on Board   12"x 18" unframed, 18" x 24" framed  €450
October on the Upper Lake
Derrynane Beach
Bluebells, Bark and Lichen
Path to the Beach
Running Free
Autumn Colour
O’Sullivan’s Cascade
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 Helping Hand
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        After the Rain